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the community

Crime Wave Podcast From the time humans evolved from individuals to social animals. We have increasingly grown dependent on our cohorts. We rely on them for support through life’s most challenging obstacles. We depend on those closest to us, and when that is not enough, our circle of trust expands to meet our needs. We establish cohorts within our families, houses of worship, our neighborhoods, and places of work. Whatever the specialty, you will likely find a community to support. Podcasting is no different. We help each other by sharing each others’ shows along with any tips and

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the tulpa

Crime Wave Podcast Hello, and welcome to the Crime Wave archives. I want to take a few mins for some housekeeping, it has been almost a year since the podcast launch, and today’s episode will be the season 1 finale. Season 2 will be back early next year,  so follow me on Twitter, or you can check the website to find out when season 2 launches. Of course, you can always subscribe to the podcast to get notified when the latest episodes drop. All links are in the show notes. I want to take a moment to

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the agent

Crime Wave Podcast Since technology has become more readily available,  we have had to adapt. Many argue that social media has made us less social. Crowds of people with their eyes laser-focused on the dim blue light emanating from a mobile device as they go about their daily lives.  This scene plays out in almost all environments and has become the norm. Human interaction is vital to our survival as a species. What is the human connection but a series of data exchanges via the subtle interpretation of our vocal inflections, what we feel, what we see, smell, and

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