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the agent

Since technology has become more readily available,  we have had to adapt. Many argue that social media has made us less social. Crowds of people with their eyes laser-focused on the dim blue light emanating from a mobile device as they go about their daily lives.  This scene plays out in almost all environments and has become the norm. Human interaction is vital to our survival as a species.

What is the human connection but a series of data exchanges via the subtle interpretation of our vocal inflections, what we feel, what we see, smell, and taste? The continuous amalgamation of interactions between people. The intricate combinations of social interaction as the sum of data points captured by our five senses. For the next hour, If you suspend the belief that technology has driven a wedge between us, then you will see how it could be argued that we haven’t lost our ability to connect because of technology. Instead, we have evolved to allow an agent to hijack our senses. This technology agent acts as a proxy, serving as a conduit of information between us. It allows us to connect with anyone in the world, it documents our interactions, it opens a door for those compelled to do harm. This agent has conditioning algorithms designed to elicit behaviors similar to addiction.

We are at the genesis of our relationship with technology, and we vastly underestimate those willing to exploit it to do us harm.

In today’s episode, we will examine the story of how a tech agent can be used to seduce, mislead, and evoke the feelings of deep human connection. To dismantle adolescence and how this inveterate agent is already ingrained in all of our lives.

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