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From the time humans evolved from individuals to social animals. We have increasingly grown dependent on our cohorts. We rely on them for support through life’s most challenging obstacles. We depend on those closest to us, and when that is not enough, our circle of trust expands to meet our needs. We establish cohorts within our families, houses of worship, our neighborhoods, and places of work. Whatever the specialty, you will likely find a community to support. Podcasting is no different. We help each other by sharing each others’ shows along with any tips and tricks we may have learned along the way. As podcasters, sometimes, we have the opportunity to help more profoundly.

In today’s episode, we will feature a community that has rallied around one of our own to raise awareness about child abuse and how it can lead to devastating consequences when unchecked. Eric Carter Landin from the podcast True Consequences will be with us today. He shares the tragic death of his brother Jacob Jeremiah Landin and why justice eludes his family until this day.

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