Crime Wave Podcast

the line

Alison Botha

The fundamental principle innate in all human beings is survival. The instinct to survive is ingrained into every aspect of our being. The human mind and spirit will go through extraordinary feats of strength and endurance to ensure that our time on earth will not end in haste. But what if the body is so badly damaged that it overwhelms our will to survive? What if the body is eviscerated, interrupting the life force flowing through us.  How do we overcome that destruction?

There are many stories of those who have walked the line between life and death. Stories of people  who’s will has overcome the body’s destruction and chose to return to life to face the pain and suffering inflicted upon them. Why would someone choose that? Some stories give us a glimpse into that decision.

In today’s episode, we will be taken to the line between life and death to explore the extreme ends of the dichotomy of the human spirit, the best we can hope to be, and the worst.

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