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the maternal instinct

Sarah Henderson | Otty Sanchez

The maternal instinct, is it fact or fantasy, we all know someone who’s a mother, we see them interact with their kids, and at times it seems uncanny how they can know when their child is in trouble and just how to soothe them when the time comes. Almost as if an automatic response is triggered by something they see in their kid. They follow a sequenced set of behaviors that manifest in a way that almost always results in protecting the well being of their child. Some dads are said to have the maternal instinct, but we will leave that for another show! Now, researchers debate whether or not the maternal instinct is real, looking for scientific documentation of the phenomenon, conducting studies about brain chemistry to studies that involve social development, and everything in between.

Today’s episode will shed light on how there are more powerful forces inĀ  nature that can sever that imperceptible instinct.

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