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the motive

Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf

Motivation drives human behavior. Our life’s experiences influence our intentions to behave; they dictate our impulses to act in specific ways. Why do people do what they do? The answer to that question is something we have been chasing for many lifetimes, and it still eludes us to this day. When it comes to murder, we use the term motive, to describe why someone would commit this violent act. If the family and friends of a victim can understand why someone is driven to murder their loved ones, then maybe, just maybe, they can begin the process of healing. However, without motive, questions will linger for an eternity, and the psychological wounds will forever fester.

In today’s episode, we will examine the story of three teenagers who were the best of friends. When one of them goes missing, the true nature of their friendship is revealed.

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