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the protector

Timothy Jones Jr

Dads live by an unspoken oath, an oath that, at its core, requires them to provide and protect, to ensure that they have tools they will need to tackle this world. A dad’s mission is derived from this oath, and it’s to create an environment where kids can thrive, learn, and experience this world safe from harm. The primary objective of that mission is to raise them to be productive members of society. To love and nurture them into adulthood. Kids with dad’s who live by this oath, have a good chance at success in life. But some kids, have dad’s like Timothy Jones Jr, who fail to protect them from the forces within. Dads that take them from this world before they even have a chance at life.

In today’s episode, we will examine the story of Timothy Jones Jr. A dad who failed to live up to his responsibility of being the protector. A dad who killed his five kids.

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